An urban forest is broadly defined as the collection of green spaces, trees and other vegetation that grows within an urban area, on both public and private land. It provides a range of social, environmental and economic benefits that enrich the quality of urban life.

The City of Perth Urban Forest Plan is a strategic action plan focused on promoting the long term health and resilience of the urban forest to help maximize the level of community benefits it delivers.  

On the 20 September 2016, the City of Perth adopted its Urban Forest Plan, following a period of public consultation. The Plan sets out a clear vision for the future planning, management and expansion of the urban forest with a focus on:

•    Protecting our existing trees
•    Increasing the level of canopy cover provided in the public realm
•    Promoting sustainable water management to maximise the cooling effect 
•    Promoting balance and resilience in tree species composition
•    Implementing a ‘whole of forest’ management approach
•    Promoting awareness of the benefits the urban forest can provide 

The Urban Forest Plan aligns with the City’s overarching Environment Strategy which sets out the aspirations for Perth’s environmentally sustainable future.

The Urban Forest Plan will be underpinned by the development of a four-year implementation plan and monitoring framework containing detailed actions, priorities, partnerships and responsibilities required to support the delivery of the Plan’s vision and goals. The implementation plan and monitoring framework will be reviewed annually.

Next stages

The City is currently in the process of preparing the next stages of its Urban Forest Plan. Stage Two will address trees planted on private property. Stage Three will address other vegetation that makes up the urban forest, including wider elements of green infrastructure.  

Both these additional stages are scheduled for completion in 2017.

City of Perth Urban Forest Plan.pdf

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Addendum Report - 2017

The City has recently completed an addendum report for the City of Perth Urban Forest Plan.  This report describes the nature and condition of street and parkland trees in the newly acquired areas of Crawley, Nedlands and Elizabeth Quay. Information is provided on:

  • Levels of canopy cover
  • Tree diversity
  • Tree age and useful life expectancy 
  • Tree health 
  • Location of temperature 'hot spots'

The addendum report also summarises the impact of  the new trees on the goals and objectives for the planning, management and expansion of the urban forest, as set out in the current City of Perth Urban Forest Plan.

A copy of the addendum report can be found by clicking here.


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