The City of Perth has developed the Cycle Plan 2029 to support the thousands of people choosing to cycle at present and to encourage others to take up cycling.

Cycle Plan Vision

Cyclists of various abilities will have access to an integrated, accessible and safe strategic cycle network. The City of Perth will have an informed community that participate in cycling and both acknowledge and appreciate the environmental, economic and social benefits that cycling provides.

To achieve this vision the City of Perth will endeavour to:

  • Create a strategic cycle network to introduce key east-west and north-south routes and implement complementing key infrastructure.
  • Plan an active role in the encouragement and promotion of cycling.
  • Provide more education and training for all road users, and increase the viability of cycling to develop an inclusive and vibrant cycling culture.

Our Cycle Plan Implementation Program details how the City of Perth will deliver the strategic cycle network and increase cycling participation. The Program identifies key projects over the next five years and is reviewed bi-annually.

You can follow our progress via the transport layer on ArcGIS Online. Our local TravelSmart map shows the existing walking and cycling network around the City of Perth.